Cities: Skylines Bus Depot Simulation

The game Cities: Skylines, released in 2015, allows players to take command of urban planning and simulate a various aspects of a city. A player might teak the traffic, zoning, and aesthetics that accompany real life urban efforts.

This video captures the operation of a bus depot I created in Cities: Skylines

The design incorporated a one-way design which helps traffic flow along 5 entry and 5 exit ramps the help mitigate traffic when the buses travel en masse out of the terminal and into the city.

This design is similar to the Charlotte Transportation Center and it functions in the same manner. All transfers take place in the terminal and busses and sent directly to the specified areas.

The Charlotte Transportation Center (CTC) featuring easily accesible commercial properties

In the simulated design a subway line and an elevated pedestrian footpath further increases the citizens’ reach. Shops and offices also take advantage of this high traffic area.