Distance, Delivery, and Deliciousness

Drive time analysis is key for making logistical decisions. In the case of a certain Italian restaurant, drive times could mean the difference between a hot salad and a cold pizza.

The two factors that go into this particular analysis are drive time, the time it takes to drive somewhere using the road network, and distance, network distance not Euclidean. Two drive time measurements were taken to represent the different business loads; dead and peak-hours. ArcGIS is the program used.

This first map is the 15 minute range of a driver leaving the store at 12:45pm on a monday using ArcGIS Online’s proximity analysis. The second accounts for traffic at 6:00pm on a Friday. This gives us an interesting spatial representation which we can use to identify some features of the area at a glance.

delivery distance
Lighter purple: Areas normally with a 15 minute drive-time that may experience delays during peak hours

The lighter purple signify areas that may be affected by traffic, taking longer than 15 minutes to reach during times of peak congestion. Everything beyond the purple takes longer than 15 minutes to drive. Orders from the light purple areas are where customers need to be made aware of delays. It’s interesting to note the inlet of inaccessibility to the southeast of the blue origin marker. This is partially due to the lack of a thoroughfare that runs perpendicular to I-85. Hopefully, in the future the now under construction George W Liles parkway will remedy the excessive drive times to this area, expanding the reach of delivery.

Splitting the spatial representation into three different time intervals presents another perspective:

delivery distance interval
5 minutee, 10 minute, 15 minute intervals

The intervals extenuate the importance of thoroughfares through the area. The lightest purple, 5 minutes, denotes the neighborhoods and roads closest to the store. Single deliveries in this area should take around 10 minutes round-trip. Darkest purple is 15 minutes and will be a 30 round trip or more at the furthest extent. Food temperature is of extreme importance when operating in this region and the proximity of destinations to thoroughfares play key roles in deliveries exceeding the 15 minute radius.

Unfortunately, the ArcGIS online basemap doesn’t include the updated I-485 data. Its completion further enhances this range.

Interactive Map: http://arcg.is/1Tbene0