Brexit: The World is Watching

The referendum raised in the United Kingdom last week to remove itself from the European Unionsent shockwaves through the political, economic, and social world.

The vote to leave spurred a civil response in the form of a petition to reconsider the decision. The data of the signatures’ countries was recorded in the form of a json file. With a quick conversion to .CSV we can view this data on a map of the world.


Full resolution here

Almost every country participated in the petition. This could almost serve as a geopolitical compass indicated different countries feelings about the decision. We see big players like China and Saudi Arabia voicing their adversion to the vote, two countries that likely enjoy freedom of movement and education benefits that come with the UK’s membership in the European Union. We see European Union states represented, especially western European states. It’s interesting there are so many signatures originated in Mexico. Probably the most interesting feature on the map is the swath of blue the cutes through Africa. These area has historically be exposed to British politics through colonialism.

British Colinial extent in Africa 1913. Ghana highlighted. No Emphasis.

This is a map from Wikipedia showing the extent of British colonialism in Africa in the 20th century. It’s interesting to note the swath’s resemblace to this political demarkation. This may indicate that British politics are still alive in the region and that the geography have shifted.

This is all to be taken with a grain of salt, however. Over 5,000 signatures originated from Vatican City, a municipality of less than 500 people.